Zophie G BP

Born on: 06.04.2007
Color: Brown
Stem: 18A2
Size: 167 cm
For sale: On request


The direct line descendents from the 18A2 stem include the following breeding Stallions:

Komeet & Makelaar, descendants of Sable Skinflint xx from Uhrendorf Columbus, son of Calypso I from Uhrendorf.

Her father Contender belongs to the most demanded horses of the Holsteiner organization. Nearly 100 of his sons have been selected for breeding for different breeding associations. He is the ancestor of many successful sports horses like Montender, Checkmate and Collin.

In May 2010, Zophie was presented for mare registration and received a regional award! She is a high-blooded mare, who compels through her even-tempered nature. She is smooth to ride and a talented and cautious free jumper!


  • Colt from Quidam de Revel SF (sold)
    · Born on: 26.03.2014

  • Filly from Cardento (sold)
    · Born on: 09.03.2011



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